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Gg d00d you have been doing a fantastic job hope ya keep at it with more POWER!
GG my man. Good luck with doing what ever you do... xD
Also wouldnt Biomes'o'plenty mess up pokemon spawns and prevent some biomes from spawning like the Cold taiga M or Messa bryce biomes
We got spawn of Psyduck which pretty much allows pokemon to spawn in biomes 'o' plenty so it wont ^_^
Pretty much i voted for everything but the enchanted plus mod because i was playing around with it and i seems to easy to get like powerful enchants
Yet im a huge fan of the Inventory pets, The Biomes o plenty mod cus what starii said about the new building blocks and well tinkers as I find tinkers fun regardless of what you do.
This is by far the best thing that has happend so far. Its very good ^_^
With the Inventory pet mod being added to the recent update im starting to think that being able find/craft these broken pets could prove to be an issue.
So what i'm thinking is we could have them be won at an event or be able to like donate/vote for them. What do you guys think?
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Feb 06, 2017, 08:08 PM

Anyhow Choco sends his best of wishes towards you both ^_^
(also try not to get hurt anymore xD)
I think a fresh start would do everyone good. As for donations, if you really care about the server you donate to help it rather then for your own benefit. Most mc / pixelmon servers don't even last this long so I'm sure most people got a lot of use out of their donations anyway.
I agree to this tera a lot ^_^ Kinda what i was thinking
Dam i know the feeling man just keep in mind pretty much everyone here in the community will help you out!
Heck even me so just remember that
Now i for one am helping test the server and Im just going to say this EVERYTHING CHANGED FOR THE BETTER xD

All the other beta testers including myself are making sure that everything will go smoothly for all you other nubs out there so don't worry about "Oh this thing is going to be to broken" Odds are if you thought about it its probably changed xD
@Chocobo123456 do you know how to do this? If not then don't feel bad, I think @Dpa1991 said he was working on a fix :P
I think its fixed im not for sure try giving it a try ^_^
You got to change some JEI control
Just uh gonna say this if we have it on peaceful it will ruin the food ^_^

*Tots down with the hopper replacement mod btw*
Now we know that before in the loved version of pixelmon that we all play on that doesn't have that many Pokemon that well gold is super easy to make money off of.  Well since we are in 1.10 I know there are going to be ocean monuments and well if you go underground in the mesa biomes its packed full of gold pretty much so we are going to have to nerf the gold sell price before people get to rich xD. So any ideas because i got like none
I nominate skype as well i use skype a ton more than discord xD

Also fantastic idea cosmic
Im pretty sure that if we had the iron backpack mod than it would help everyone out with being able to store more items and not have to go back home and drop off items.

Chance cubes could be added to cause a lot of fun and random things to happen like filling someones inventory up with dead bushes to giving ore drops.

Just something i thought off

heres the links
Just wondering will there be a link to the modpack that we are going to be testing?
I should of mentioned it but you just use the main version of the mod pack just change the version to 5.0.1, then you can just switch between the mod pack versions to play on live vs beta
Thanks Dpa was just wondering. Also any time frame when we can test or is it whenever?
Just wondering will there be a link to the modpack that we are going to be testing?
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All known challanges have now been complete (Had to beat ilax to saying it cus im a jag). Hopefuly there will be some new challanges (Maybe like highest streak in the battle tree)
Even tho I already beat the game i went in the elite 4 again just to prove that i beat it(aka defended) with only my starter with one heal used(had to heal on Olivia due to stupid para hax >:( makes me mad). So uh ya @iLaxrv10 Does it count?

**Side note please excuse me for the shit like quality of the picture #BlameMaPhone
Now would this be just elite 4 rank or would it include elite 1-4?(Cus i would love to help even tho im elite 2)
With all this going on i feel like i should point this out

Just because people are voting for number 3 more than number 1 2 or 4(god help those who voted for 4(jk its your opinion and your vote can matter)) doesn't mean that you have to vote for number 3 or any other number as well!

If you feel like there is a completely different reason like my reason for having everything refreshed so that way it would give people something to do and work towards and give old people a reason to comeback (im looking at you @magl2904 i miss ya).

Ya to be completely honest i dislike losing some of the shinys that i found yet most of the shinys i have obtained where by buying or by trading or even wondertrading. So ya i won't be to heartbroken about losing them, but others might and that's why i see number 1 may be a problem as people could drop out of playing since they lost all of their great pokemon that they worked so hard for.

The point that i want to get across is that be honest with yourself and vote for the one that you truly believe in and not one that you think is the most popular or some other bull shrimp like that.

I hope that you really do vote the way you feel and understand what i'm trying to say here and well thanks for taking time out of your day to read this -Your friendly neighborhood chocobo
i picked option 1 as well it feels like if we do a complete fresh start than it will give people more to do and more of a reason to stick around
the donors can get their pokemon back but give it to them on a timer like 1 month after the reset they can get the pokemon its not a hard fix you just thought way to much into it
if there was a timer there would still be people complaining don't ask me why tho. also I didn't think to much into it i just thought what would others say or react :p