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Pocket Minecraft / Re: Cutie56780
Apr 29, 2017, 12:47 AM
Hello @cutie56780, I do not know who banned you but I will inform the staff team when I can, I am right now sneaking on so I will alert staff as soon as possible.
IGN: CringefulThought
Survial uptime: Around 15 hours, around 19000 minutes on PE as Mod though.
Can you get 6 hours of uptime on Survival each week? Yes, unless I get my PC permissions taken away which I would be able to inform Admins about.
Have you been banned before? If yes, why should we overlook this? I have never been banned on any server.
Do you have or can you get a Skype? I have a Skype, username: therabster1428
Are you applying to be JMod or EventHost or both? If EventHost, will you be able to host 25 events per week? I would like to apply for both and I would most likely be able to host at least 25 events.
Does this fix the infamous Windows 10 Crafting bug? :o
I really hope so!
Sorry to reply but this is not updated, as it says that Thanos is a board moderator when it is BluetigerESW, please remove this reply when done. Sorry to reply, just for correct information.
Old IGN: TheRabster1428
New IGN: CringefulThought
Old rank: Ecologist
Extra info(did you have any /buy perms, mcmmo etc): Nope.
Teach him to say potato pls k thx ;)
teach him to say potatoes suck (that way we both win) but im glad you got a new friend tow!
Tell him to say potatoes don't suck, that way all three of us win!
It's a trap!1

Type: Kittens are cute like potatoes
Apr 12, 2017, 10:25 PM
Thanks guys! I'm out to enjoy my favorite server!
My friend IjlalMC forgot his password and now cannot remember, can your reset his password?

IGN: IjlalMC
Reason: He forgot, he used a password with an error, he says.
Good luck on getting it fixed or getting a new one, and how did it break?
Forum Games / Re: Slap, Hug or Rocket
Mar 22, 2017, 01:05 AM
Slap you, then hug you, then launch you to the moon on a rocket.
Congratulations! I have seen you online and you were always kind, friendly and polite as Sparkle_Sun had said =)
General Announcements / Re: How are things?
Mar 18, 2017, 07:43 AM
I'll make a reply on what we can do tomorrow, it's like midnight and hard to type like on my Mom's phone...
I applied a while ago, I'm not sure if it was accepted...
Just to make it easy, 52 minutes :)
General Announcements / Re: Ongoing Projects
Mar 17, 2017, 06:38 PM
What do you mean by "content maker"?
People who want to dedicate their time creating servers for SFT. Content creator may not be the best name for it but it's still appropriate.
I would love to help ;)
@Towelie I have an idea on what this might be, banned domains and sites from @td998 's router, I might be right but not sure about the server, the website, I have some idea, the server, ehh, maybe accidental IP ban??? If I can be of any help you may forum PM me (I'm pretty active), no Skype (I haven't been on that account for months...)

(111th post!)
I just checked (I knew I was right), is Towelie's better than mine?

Spoiler: show
Yes... (IT'S OBVIOUS!)
Just noticed my mousepad is upside down xD
This was the first thing I saw... good review though.
Yo same
Hi, I know Buildcraft has absolutely nothing to do with Pixelmon, but it adds amazing items that really help the game experience, but since some engines explode, you smart owners could maybe change that in the code or just ban all of them except for non-explosive engines. If you could add Buildcraft that'd be great!

I'll help once I get on my PC, maybe an hour, give or take.