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  • Lucy_23x : Yay :3
  • theP : yes, and if they don't accept you we shall go protest in the streets of #mc-survival! ;3
  • Lucy_23x : should I apply
  • Towelie : Because we need twice as many JMods. Midnight - I wouldn't say it's dead dead, but definitely not like its former glory. Everything dies, even we do eventually... So, let's just make the most out of the time that's left (Whether it's a month, a year or 100 years)
  • MasterX70 : Cuz nubbery
  • brightpkz : Question... Why are there two JMod application threads lol
  • Lucy_23x : Hai dere
  • Jackson959 : Greetings
  • MidnightBlueHaze : Greetings from someone that played in 2013-2014. Former IGN: MidnightBlueHaze shame to see SFT dead :/
  • Jackson959 : thonk
  • Lucy_23x : Bteam is fine D;
  • MasterX70 : Oh, well, Bteam doesn't allow AFK, and that person was warned, so, ye.
  • Cocobutter03 : check out the bteam unbans lololol
  • TheStarNomad : If someone has, could you give an example? O.o
  • MasterX70 : Since when have we ever done that...?
  • MasterX70 : Wat
  • Cocobutter03 : Love it
  • Cocobutter03 : when the community is still banning people for going afk LMAOO
  • Lucy_23x : When from facs is no longer a thing :c
  • boymac45 : I win
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Open letter

Apr 26, 2018, 07:25 AM   |    : Towelie

So, it seems like someone is ruining SFT's good name by "hacking" people and putting our name (claiming they were hacked by us).
I would like to say that we are not hackers, we do not hack people. We are a gaming community with a 7+ year history.
Over the time, we have had a bunch of people work with us, only to turn out to be completely unstable and malignant. I have no doubts that one of t...

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Reddit Post

Apr 24, 2018, 04:00 AM   |    : Super_Boox

Hey There!

Please upvote/share the link above! It will help our server grow.  :redflower:

Thank you!

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[Survival] Apply for JMod

Apr 23, 2018, 07:22 PM   |    : Towelie

We are currently looking for new JMods for our Survival server.
Got what it takes? Apply for JMod by using this form:

Code Select
Your IGN (in-game nickname):
Your age:
Your current uptime for this week (check with /pstats):
Were you banned in the last 6 months?:

- If you are selected you will be messaged within ...

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[Survival] Quests!

Apr 21, 2018, 05:38 PM   |    : Towelie

I have added a Quest plugin.
Currently, there are only 6 starter quests (adding them is tedious), but my plan is to get to ~10 starter quest and at least another 10 repeatable quests in the first week.

Just type /quests to get started.
Please note I haven't had time to properly test, so report any issues that you find with the Quests plugin here.

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