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  • Lucy_23x : Hai
  • Mrs_Ender88 : Hello everybody
  • shadowjb123 : oh how I wish I could change my username
  • shadowjb123 : I guess I'm back to playing regularly. I was reading over the history of SFT and surprisingly remembered every name. I miss those days.
  • Lucy_23x : Lawl
  • quadkaiden : t'was sleeping Lucy
  • ashley_luna : There's always a reason why your banned, Please make an unban request under pocket if your banned
  • ihatecsgo : Whats new to the pocket minecraft server i can t enter bcs i m banned
  • diamondcc888 : Help
  • diamondcc888 : TF
  • Mk4 : Can be
  • Lucy_23x : Nathan you on chat?
  • Mk4 : I'll stay in my bed thanks jinxie xd
  • N193582 : i would be appreciative if a staff could look at the survival unban board
  • JinxOnTheLoose : So paragliding is amazing and you should all try it.
  • Towelie : Tank shop added -> /tankshop
  • Towelie : Sadly I no longer have time for gaming so not sure :S
  • Mk4 : Tow, is there to be anymore No Man's Sky streams from you in the near future? They were pretty fun to watch
  • Lucy_23x : I'm also cooking atm xd
  • Lucy_23x : Will attempt to but storm screwing my internet up
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[Survival] EMP Autoshop

Today at 06:04 PM   |    : Sparkle_Sun

Hey Survival players!

Per suggestion of @Towelie we are trying something new. An autoshop has been made at /warp emp (look behind you when you warp there) with some of the most commonly sold items. These are basically just crops, ores, and ore blocks. The most commonly bought items are there as well.

The prices have been adjusted to be 15% more for buying, and 15% l...

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[Ark PVP] Map reset & Donation Drive

Today at 02:13 PM   |    : Dpa1991

Hey guys,

I will be resetting the Ark PVP map on the 30th of this month. Before then I would really appreciate it if you guys donate a little bit so we can do a week of advertisements at the launch of the map reset. Doing the advertising really helps the server get noticed and gets us lots of new joins. To donate to the ark server please click [url=

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Like us on NameMC!

Today at 12:15 PM   |    : Katherine

As found by @Nicadean33, NameMC now have a server listing on their site!

This has a ranking system, and the more likes we get, the higher up the list we'll go. This is important for us right now as we need to increase our publicity and get lots more new players! NameMC is a decently popular site that players use to c...

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[Survival] Custom Fireworks

Aug 27, 2016, 05:43 PM   |    : Towelie

You can now buy custom fireworks with any text you desire for $10  / 64 fireworks. After the initial purchase you may buy 64  more for $5. The reason they initially cost $10 is because for each custom firework I have to design them in an image editor then add them in-game and it's all very time consuming. After adding them however, I can just spawn ...

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