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  • Chocobo123456 : *Pours Hot Soup On Towelie*
  • TheNoHeadedGuy : Get better towlie
  • Towelie : Won't be around tonight guys, got a nasty flu so i'm gonna tuck in bed for a couple of hours
  • Khaled : hello!
  • Tetrazona : Hello guys! ^_^
  • Odddabeast : Technic launcher?
  • Odddabeast : Anybody want to help me build a house on the survival server
  • JellyBeanz : now im so sad i miss u all
  • JellyBeanz : my valentines was sft
  • calfrokrill : Downloading B-team
  • calfrokrill : I'm downloading that technic thingy :S
  • SFT_Guy : Happy Valintines day, and i can join the server everytime i go home so ill set a new /sethome next time lol
  • Khaled : Yeah I know xD
  • frankie_jay17 : lol V
  • JinxOnTheLoose : But it isn't Valentine's day yet xD
  • TheCreeperMatik : Happy Valentines Day Peeps!
  • Bakonator : #LonelySunday #ForevarAlone #LonelyValentine....that sums up my feelings for Valentine XD
  • Khaled : Hello jelly
  • JellyBeanz : hey khaled
  • Khaled : Happy valentine's day loves!
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[Survival Event] Wipeout Marathon

Today at 07:02 PM   |    : Lansdiinio

Join me tonight (Saturday) at 8pm GMT for a wipeout marathon! We'll be going through each of the /w3 wipeouts twice, with the top 3 of each one getting a prize! This means there will be 6 opportunities for everyone to get a prize, so 18 prizes being given out!

1st place: 25k
2nd place: 15k
3rd place: 7.5k

- No fly
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Creative has been revamped!

Today at 04:38 PM   |    : Towelie

Hey guys, This is Part 1/2 of Creative being revamped:

+ Added votes on Creative! You can now /vote and obtain 10 EmpBucks (which are useful for the spawn portal and for the plot world that will be added soon
+ Added ChatReaction - Every few minutes a random word will appear in chat - The first player to type or unscramble that word wins a random particle effect
+ Added Roll The Dice ...

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[Creative] Looking for staff members for our Creative server

Today at 02:26 PM   |    : Towelie

We are looking for staff members for our Creative server ( and then /creative).
Requirements: Former staff member on any SFT server. You will need to have SOME uptime every week and to ban players who spam/advertise/cheat or otherwise break the rules.


Your Minecraft IGN:
Your highest position ac...

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Upcoming SFT Servers & Projects

Today at 11:56 AM   |    : Towelie

Hey guys, I decided to make this post to clear some things and also keep you informed on the state of things.

Upcoming SFT Servers
Prison Server (saywhat2365 & Crew)
Adventure World (name pending) Server (Dpa1991 & Crew. Will be a separate pixelmon server with an adventure world and probably quests and stuff)
MineQwest Server (Izzdaer & Crew)
Wild West (name pending) Serv...

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